The thousand and one facets of the Promesse ring

23.03.2023 / Our creations

A majestic solitaire, surrounded by diamonds that further enhance its brilliance.
This is the "Promesse" signed by HOLEMANS. A ring designed to embody the most beautiful moments of life.

Historically, the House of Holemans has always been distinguished by its traditional rings: Antilope, Ocean, Athena, Cassandre, or, more recently, Gabrielle.

This time, Holemans presents the Promesse ring, both timeless and modern, it is the ring of all oaths, the one you make to the woman you love, on the occasion of an engagement or a wedding anniversary, or, why not, the one a woman makes to herself! It is a jewel that you make your own and that accompanies you throughout your life. It is the jewel that can be passed on from generation to generation. It is a ring created to illuminate everyday life with its brightness.

The "Promesse" and its various declinations

In its purest form, adorned with a solitaire, the Promesse is already multiple because each stone is unique. Because each Holemans ring is made in the workshop of the House, everything is possible. Depending on taste or budget, Holemans offers solitaires in different diameters. But for those who dream in colour, the Promesse can be decorated with a beautiful sapphire, a ruby or a magnificent emerald. In addition to the stones, the setting can be made of white, yellow or rose gold. And when a beautiful family stone is given a new lease of life in the heart of the "Promesse", the Holemans craftsmen are also happy to enhance it.

Promesse saphir bleu

A bold "Promesse"

If diamonds are eternal, nowadays women sometimes prefer fine stones: aquamarine, spinel, tsavorite, amethyst or other tourmaline. The choice of the heart has its reasons and the Promesse ring can play the rebel while keeping its inalterable elegance.

Promesse spinelle

Text: Magali Eylenbosch

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