Think Pink, Think Precious !

22.09.2023 / News

Holemans is wearing pink and joining forces with Think Pink in the fight against breast cancer. To do this, our jewelry house has set up three actions and mobilised various partners for support and a joint contribution…

The Think Pink association

Even today, 1 in 8 women is affected by breast cancer, making Belgium the country with the highest rate of women diagnosed. Think Pink, the national organisation fighting breast cancer, works every day to develop aid projects, scientific research and support for people affected by the disease.

And because jewellery is as precious as health, Holemans is joining the movement to get involved in the Think Pink campaign…

Think Pink by Holemans

When you think pink, you think of the sweetness of motherhood, the purity of childhood and the pleasures of life - moments that far too many breast cancer victims are still deprived of. Moved by the cause, we launched a "Think Pink" campaign, with a range of actions in the colours of the flag.

A cup of tea ?

Meeting up, sharing ideas and exclusive moment. Knowledge comes from closeness and bonds are strengthened. We organised a tea-time in our showcase. Pink pastries, coloured glass and cocktails, red fruit macaroons and rose tea. It was an opportunity to preview our "Think Pink" pendant and enjoy some sweet treats in a convivial setting.

A golden action

Pink is a colour that makes sense in our jewellery, since the precious alloy that dresses our rose gold jewellery embodies balance, complicity and mutual support.

Our designer came up with a pendant inspired by the famous "Think Pink" ribbon. Our master jewellers then brought the sketch to life in the form of two 'ribbon' pendants. One sparkles with a rose gold buckle and chain, while the other is set with diamonds. Whether you're moved by the cause or seduced by the design of the ribbon, we can turn the pendant into a bracelet, ring or other made-to-measure item. When you buy each pendant or bracelet, 15% of the sale price is donated to the charity.

A new setting

Come and stroll around the Place du Sablon, and you won't miss our new shop windows. There are no half-measures, our facade is brandishing a pink whose ardour is matched only by the ardour of our cooperation. Solidarity is priceless, and we know how to draw attention to our values as well as our finery.

Partners and supporters

Think Pink has many supporters, but there are never enough to go around.

At our "Think Pink" tea time, we mobilised a range of stakeholders by working with three luxury brands. These Belgian quality signatures included the Gaston ice cream maker, the Louise Hotel Brussels - MGallery and the Charli pastry shop. They all pulled out all the steps to ensure that our guests enjoyed an exceptional experience and raised awareness of the importance of 'living pink'.

Text : Camille Trad

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