Holemans, 100 years of jewelry making

26.04.2022 / News

Henri Holemans founded our eponymous company in 1922. At that time, the company mainly produced religious goldsmithing, including Art Deco ciboria and chalices. Between 1930 and 1933, Henri Holemans studied precious lacquerware with a Japanese master. He transmitted this technique to his son, Jean, who will apply it to jewelry. After studying architecture at the Academy of Saint-Luc, he joined the family business, and from 1960, he will develop the jewelry, making a point of honor to create symbolic and transmissible pieces that tell the story of a lasting commitment from generation to generation. The Holemans style was born. Classic and timeless, punctuated with references to Art Deco style, and embellished with precious and fine stones.

Later, Jean Holemans' son, Thierry, will follow in his footsteps, perpetuating the know-how of the company. Thierry studied gemmology in London and followed in his father's footsteps. He joined the workshops in 1981. Ten years later, he opened the boutique on Avenue Louise and multiplied the high-flying creations, with jewels with contemporary lines embellished with lacquer, the true DNA of the House, or set with astonishing stones acquired during his travels in Southeast Asia. Thierry makes the Holemans name shine beyond our borders and will be the first Belgian to have opened a boutique on the Place Vendôme in 1997. Moïse Mann, Thierry Holemans trusted advisor and talented jeweler, will be at the helm and will make the adventure a magnificent success.

A fortunate combination of circumstances

After 17 years of working for Holemans, Moïse Mann decided to strike out on his own and opened Manalys, his sublime showcase on Boulevard de Waterloo 11. For his part, Thierry Holemans thought about a change of life, dreaming of "elsewhere", especially Asia. He knows that he can count on the expertise of Moïse Mann to take the lead and write a new chapter. In 2014, Moïse brought the Holemans name back to the forefront of the Belgian jewelry world by setting up our brand at number 4 of the Place du Grand Sablon. 

A bright identity

Moïse Mann is now the guardian of the Holemans style. The ultimate goal is of course to protect and perpetuate Belgian craftmanship. All the steps in the jewelry making process, from creation to manufacturing, take place on our own site of the Sablon in Brussels.

The combination of precious metals, of rare stones and artisanal know-how gives birth to unique creations "Made in Belgium", marked with the master stamp, a squirrel holding an H between its paws.

With us, the word "craft" takes on its full meaning. From the design to the final polish, each piece of jewelry is handmade, with the greatest respect for tradition. The company offers a "made-to-measure" service, but also carries out all types of repairs and expert appraisals. Holemans has always been synonymous with quality and Moïse Mann is recognized for the choice of stones used and the quality of the work of the artisans

An eco-responsible approach

At Maison Holemans we are resolutely looking to the future: our jewelry is guaranteed to be made of ethical and sustainable materials. More than 95% of our jewelry pieces are made of recycled gold. All diamonds come from legal sources and are not involved in the financing of armed conflicts in Africa (Kimberley Certificate).

This approach already places Holemans in a future that will hold many more beautiful discoveries.

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