How to choose your engagement ring

29.10.2021 / Tips & tricks

How to choose your engagement ring, symbol of eternal love and testimony of your commitment?For the centre stone: diamond or coloured stone?

Diamonds are traditionally the preferred stone for an engagement ring. However, coloured stones, both precious and fine, are also in vogue today. 

Particularly the sapphire, symbol of fidelity and wisdom, which is available in a wide range of colours. Peridot, tourmaline and aquamarine are also suitable pieces for the most beautiful engagement rings.The colour of the gold: yellow, white or pink gold?White gold goes well with diamonds and all types of skin. The warmth of yellow gold goes well with all coloured stones and enhances all skin types.

Rose gold is a bold and fashionable choice! You can also choose platinum, the most precious of metals, which is 30 times rarer than gold.

Come and visit our Holemans jewellery experts, they will help you choose the model of your dreams that fits your budget.

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