Entrust us with your heart’s desire and watch as the piece that will forever mark the special moment it is created for comes to life at the hands of our experienced craftsmen.


Evaluation of your request

For special requests and bespoke services, our consultants are here for you. Surrounded by a team of experts, including our designer, manufacturer and setter, they define with you the outlines of your project and accompany you throughout the process of creating your tailor-made jewel : engagement ring, wedding ring, pendant, bracelet, earrings or any piece you’re dreaming of.

Creation of the design

The creation starts with our in-house designer, Sawako Narita, with whom your bespoke jewelry takes shape. At the service of your imagination, Sawako will carefully listen to your desires and translate them into a drawing that will honor your ideas. He will thoroughly choose the best creation process that will definitely meet all your expectations.


When final sketch is approved, it will be sent to our maker. In an adjacent workshop, visible from our jewelry store, he creates the alloy that will define the color of the gold of your choice. He will then create the contours of the piece respecting the contours of your original design. Once the physical structure is made, it is transmitted to our in-house gem setter who will place the fine stones destined for your bespoke jewel with the utmost meticulousness.

Our achievements

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